Many people often ask about the The origin of the name for ROZELLE

Back in the 1890s when Balmain West was a quickly growing suburb, the local Post Office was Rosellabird2often confused with Balmain Post Office. When the Post Master general decided to build a new post office at the corner of Darling Street and Weston Road (now Victoria Road) he was adamant that the name must be changed to end the confusion.

Some residents did not take kindly to the idea and protested strongly. Some wanted it to be called Garry Owen but many wanted the name left as Balmain West. RozellePO

By 1907, however the post office AND the suburb were known as Rozelle – shopkeepers, local people and newspapers all used the name Rozelle. The name of the school was changed from Darling Road Superior Public School to Rozelle Superior Public School.

No one knows for certain where the name Rozelle comes from. The area no doubt, took its name from Rozelle Bay (sometimes called Rozella Bay on old maps) which had been used since the 1840s. Whether the Bay was named after the Rosella parrot or the Rosella plant, an hibiscus, has not yet been determined.

Either the bird or the flower is a colourful derivation for the name of the suburb ROZELLE.



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