Snails Bay Sabot Sailing Club – Author Talk @ Balmain

Snails Bay Sabot Sailing Club

Snails Bay Sabot Sailing Club

Snails Bay Sailing Club by Asa Wahlquist
Snails Bay Sabot Sailing Club : 1962-1973
Author : Asa Karin Wahlquist worked as a rural journalist, winning more than a dozen awards, including a Walkley Award and the Eureka Prize for Environmental Journalism.
Available at Leichhardt and Balmain Library $22.00
Snails Bay Sabot Sailing Club is about more than a children’s sailing club. It is about the old sailing culture in Balmain, and the area’s waterfront industries. It is about the men who worked on the waterfront, who sailed open boats with their huge sails, and the lessons they taught the children of Snails Bay Sabot Sailing Club. It is about being a child in Balmain in the 1960s, before the suburb was gentrified, the waterfront industries closed down and most of the old sailing families moved out. The book also documents the history of the Sabot in Australia.

When:11 June 6pm for 6:30pm start

Where: Balmain Town Hall Meeting Room

Bookings: Link Here

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