Compassion & Conflict In The Asylum LEICHHARDT Library – Exhibition

If you haven’t see it yet get down to Leichhardt Library to see the fantastic historical Display of Callan Park. LEICHHARDT– Exhibition Compassion & Conflict In The Asylum

Leichhardt Library and friends of Callan Park

Exhibition / Display – No phrase more successfully captures the therapeutic environment and conflicted history of this psychiatric institution. After decades of ‘bad press’, former Asylums the world over are now being reassessed in light of new thinking about the value of respite. The imperative to retain green, open space within our increasingly urban surroundings is also keenly understood. A new, modern model of care proposed for Callan Park could be a beacon for re-channelling compassion and conflict. Hear the stories of people who experienced living at Callan Park in the past. When: 1-29 April 2015, Library opening hours, see website for details. Where: Leichhardt Library 23 Norton St, Piazza level, Italian Forum. Leichhardt 2040 Cost: Free Contact: Website: and