St Peters Town Hall

St Peters Town Hall is an Australian heritage listed town hall located at 39 Unwins Bridge Road, Sydenham. Built in 1927. St Peters Council operated from 1871 -1949 before it was amalgamated with Marrickville Council and now Inner West Council. when St peters was proclaimed a municipal district on 13 January 1871 it covered 2 square miles(5.2 sq km ) and had a population of just 500 people. Today in 2021 St Peters/ Tempe has a population of 7846.

St Peters was an industrial suburb, in 1890 there were a total of 18 dairies as well as 2 brickmaking establishments. The dairies and the brickmakers vied for space. In the end brickmaking became the major industry of the area as the suburb developed.

An interesting fact was the construction of many tall chimneys, builtĀ  to reduce air pollution.