House History

George Street Leichhardt

House Auction, George Street, Leichhardt, 1920s.

1Do you live in the Leichhardt LGA and want to know more about your house. We have some great resources here on Localnotes.

CITY SECTION PLANS 1892 -1896 These Sheet plans cover the whole area of the Leichhardt LGA in 1892 so if you can spot your house here you know it was built in 1892 or earlier.

House Names: As mentioned on the previous page the sands directory
gives you information about not only whether your
house existed at a certain time, but also who lived there and
their occupation. If you are lucky enough you may also find
that your house was given a name. If so you will find it listed
in some years. Numbering systems were different in past
times sometimes you would have several no.1’s on the same
street and suburbs, so having a name for ones house was useful
not only to differentiate from other homes but stating
something about your identity where you were from or some
local history, such as an Aboriginal name.

Built Date: For an estimated built date simply follow your address in the

Image of your House

Photos of your house: As you can see above there are
photos available on our catalogue It is a bit of a lucky
dip as to whether you will have one of your house, but you
may have more luck finding one from your area.

You can purchase high resolution copies for a $25 fee.
If you have images you would like to donate to the libray we
can make them available to the public. We have also linked
our images to the National Library TROVE
They also have other images.