CHAIA Fein – Preposterous Saints

Come check out this exhibition before it comes down on November 30th.
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Back To Balmain 25th October 2015 11-4pm

Back to Balmain

Walking Tour – 1914 – 1918 History Walk in Leichhardt

Step back in time and join us for a lovely walking tour of old Leichhardt Town the former Piperston town.

Walking Tour – 1914 – 1918 History Walk in Leichhardt.

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Pioneers Park at Sunset

Join local historian, Patrick Callaghan, and explore what it was like to live in Leichhardt in the years of World War One. We will also visit several WW1 Honour Boards and find out about some those remembered on those boards, and the stained glass windows in All Souls Anglican Church, one of which is in memory of a man who fought in both the Boer War and WW1.

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Leichhardt Library
Meet at the rotunda at Pioneers Park Leichhardt
10am – 12noon
Free event – Bring a hat and bottle of water
Bookings – online or call 9367 9266 or  or email


History Week 2015

History Week Flyer

2nd PageHistory Week 2015

History Week 2015 Opening Night

A marvelous night had by all thank you to all those that turned up and enjoyed The Honorable Professor Dame Marie Bashir opening of the two History Week exhibitions for 2015 War Nationalism and Identity.

Professor Marie spoke of the importance of Broughton Hall and her time working there with the mentally unwell and their return to good health.
Broughton Hall and the Great War focuses on the buildings historical chapter when it went from being the family home of the Keep family to a convalescent home for Shell Shocked Returned soldiers form WW1. Broughton Hall was the soup kitchen and milk dispensary for the poor of the district.

Broughton Hall was one of twenty-five convalescent homes established throughout NSW by the Australian Red Cross (including Graythwaite, North Sydney, and Rose Hall in Darlinghurst).

From 1915 Broughton Hall became No.13 Australian Auxiliary Hospital, a military psychiatric unit delivering treatment to returned soldiers suffering shell shock and other nervous disorders.

The exhibition focuses on the role of the Red cross and the women who raised significant amounts of money and local support for Broughton Hall.

Marie Bashir

  Meat Pie Exhibition IMG_1711

Marie Bashir

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OPENING NIGHT HISTORY WEEK Exhibitions put it in your diaries.


History Week Opening Night Workshop

FILEF – Short Film Competition

La Terra The Land

La Terra The Land

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Parramatta Road Stories AIR Lyndal Irons

Do you have a story to share?  Local Notes invite you to share your stories with current Artist in Resident, Journalist and Photographer Lyndal Irons

Frequently branded one of Australia’s worst roads, Parramatta Road was also Australia’s first inter-settlement pathway between two colonies. Once populated by Indigenous tribes and bushrangers, I aim to restore a sense of journey to a road better known for daily transit. Part documentary photography and part road trip, my series preserves today’s road for future reference and encourages a deepened experience of the everyday.

75_Lyndal-Irons_wedding-packages (14)

c. Lesly Irons “wedding-package”

Lyndal-Irons_Annandale Hotel_135a_20120713-IMG_0472 (1)

c. Lyndal-Irons_Annandale Hotel

During my AIR with Leichhardt Council, I’m looking for leads and stories from local residents, businesses and pedestrians on Parramatta Road. I’m interested in absolutely everything: residential life, business, your experiences on Parramatta Road. I’m also open to suggestions about what you would like documented, requests and nominations for people and businesses you think deserve recording, parts you value, parts that interest you, aspects you love or hate. I photograph and also interview people and places to tell the story of road through its people and communities.

As part of the Parramatta Road Goes Pop, Lyndal Irons will be inviting people to tell her their tales of “Parra Road.” Lyndal will be located at 121 Parramatta Road for the month of September. Contact her via her email address to make an appointment She would love to hear from you.


Please feel free to add comments and anecdotal stories on the blog in the comments field.




 During the month of September at the Balmain Library, photographs from the book ‘Historical Hotels of the Balmain Peninsula’ will be shown in an exhibition by the author and historical writer, Sharon Cross.

Sharon is a member and Journal Editor of the Lithgow and District Family History Society and has a long history of publicans on both sides of her family tree. She has written and compiled several historical books on hotels and sports. From her first book titled ‘Emu Plains to Bathurst – the Great Inns and Hotels’ the challenge was to present a history of the hotels along the Western Road to Bathurst which proved rewarding.

Balmain Photograph Exhibition PosterThe fact that hotels were in the life of the author’s family tree as well as the research grew interesting in different areas of NSW presented her with an opportunity to compile further books on the subject. Further books included ‘Historical Hotels of Bathurst’ and ‘Historical Hotels of Penrith.

The photographic exhibition focuses on the hotel industry on the Balmain Peninsula that were past and present. The photographs were taken by the author herself.


Resident Artist Ian Chapman at the Dawn Fraser Baths

Ian Chapman is the current artist in residence at the Balmain historic gem “the Dawn Fraser Pool” set on the western foreshores of the Balmain Peninsula and tucked away to the side of Elkington Park. Upon our visit down to the pool to celebrate paintings by Ian Chapman the common beautiful tranquillity of the baths invites you into an old tranquil world surrounded by spectacular vegetation.

With old 1880 historic weatherboard structures, cool tranquil waters and timber boardwalks all set the scene for artistic inspiration. The artists space catches the breeze off Sydney harbour and provides a feast of visual inspiration with echo’s of a former Working Harbour with Cockatoo Island juxtaposed with the celebrated Heritage protected shoreline, which takes in Elkington Park.

Long-time established artist and art teacher, Ian has spent the best part of his life painting Australian scenes from urban Parramatta Road to the urban industrial buildings of the Inner west to the tranquil beaches.

Ian’s time at the Dawn Fraser Baths has been an opportunity to visually sink into the clear green waters of the baths and engage with the regular swimmers and groups of locals who love the pool so dearly

Enjoy here his works in progress Watch this space for an emerging exhibition. Be seen at the LOST (Leichhardt Open Studio Trail) exhibition in March 2016 at the Dawn Fraser Baths.


Dawn Fraser Pool by Ian Chapman 2015

c.Dawn Fraser Pool by Ian Chapman 2015


Dawn Fraser Pool by Ian Chapman 2015

For more works from this Australian Artist.