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WALL TO WALL MURAL TOUR 10th anniversary

Steven Nuttall 1 2015
Come and discover the eclectic murals of Leichhardt, from historic political iconic murals such as The Crescent Mural of Annandale designed by Rodney Monk in 1980, painted at a turning point in Leichhardt’s History as the inner city was being transformed with changing demographics associated with de- industrialisation.
Celebrate Wall to Walls 10th year with an extensive amount of murals celebrating colour, diversity, coffee culture, history and heritage are there to be discovered.
2 spots left
When:Thursday 14th April 10am -12pm
Meet at:
Leichhardt Town Hall
107 Norton Street, Leichhardt,
New South Wales,
9367 9226

Link to gallery of Murals



Artist Talk – Vince Vozzo May 10th @ 6pm Leichhardt Library

Join us on May 10 at 6pm for 6:30pm start for an Artist Talk with renowned artist and sculptor Vince Vozzo.

Michael Hedger the Director of Manly Art Gallery & Museum will lead a conversation  with Artist and Sculptor Vince Vozzo whose work  made from giant slabs of imported Italian marble form the basis for his most spectacular work, including The Last Desire, which is the largest piece of single-handedly carved marble in Australia. Vozzo has exhibited in 32 solo exhibitions and produced thousands of artworks in different mediums. His exhibition “Dreaming of Galileo” has been at the Manly Art Gallery and Museum Feb—March 2016.


“An obsession with surface and perfection over the past three decades has driven Vince to transform cold inanimate objects into warm figures full of life,” says Michael Hedger,

While best known for his sculpture, Vince works in a variety of media, and this exhibition will also feature a recent large drawing and a provocative frieze of 20th century artists.

“His sculptural works are modernist in approach, exhibiting purity in line, geometry and form but these forms are from a tradition begun in the Paeolithic period with famous fertility carvings such as Venus of Willendorf. They were revived early in the 20th century by Matisse’s reclining rounded female figures and then realized in the sculpture of Henry Moore where the figures came to resemble landforms. Like those of his predecessors, particularly in the paintings and sculpture of Brett Whiteley, Vozzo’s exaggerated voluminous forms exude abundance, fertility and sensuality.” says Michael Hedger, Director of Manly Art Gallery & Museum.

Vince has exhibited internationally and widely within Australia including at Sculpture by the Sea (13 times to date) and for the McClelland Sculpture Survey Award, and the Wynne and Blake Prizes.

In a career spanning three decades, he has had 32 solo exhibitions and produced thousands of artworks in different media.

Vozzo is the recipient of numerous awards and commissions and his work is represented in private and public collections in Australia, Europe, USA and Asia. Vince’s work has also been seen on the small screen, including a sand sculpture that he created for Robert Hughes’s documentary The Fatal Shore.


Heritage Festival Photographic awards

We had a wonderful opening for the Heritage Photographic Competition with entries capturing the James Barnet designed Post Office, the 56 year out Leichhardt  Park Aquatic Centre, the 1888 Leichhardt town hall and the historic buses from the Bus museum now situated in Leichhardt. We have announced the winners for the following categories.

Heritage & Culture


 Minimal Storm By Phillip Trinh

 Summer-time storm clouds hanging over Leichhardt Town Hall Clock Tower.

Heritage and Culture



. On your mark, get ready, get set and go by Marea Ornelas

  Enjoying Leichhardt Park Aquatic Pool.- Places


chatleen final com -1

Mystery Lady By Ron Kennedy  Portrait of lady in in black & white – People

Discover and Rediscover Catalogue

Keeping Local History research in context- A Local Balmain detective story.

This story began about 1 month ago.

A gentleman named Mr. Taylor came to the information desk and informed me that he had an old photograph of the Balmain Town hall.


My ears pricked up and I questioned him further. “ Yep My Grandfather was in the trade Union and I have this old photo of him upstairs”

Really I said. “We are always looking for more photos any chance you can bring it in?” Sure I’ll bring it in on Thursday. He Said.

True to his word he came in the door on the Thursday and delivered the photo.

Wow. What a great photo I thought, and it had a Date 30-10-1916.

Unbeknownst to many, this is exactly the way we get our invaluable material at the local history section. A chance meeting with a patron and an irreplaceable piece of history appears.


As I spoke to Mr. Taylor he pointed out that his grandfather was the one close to the front. Nicholas Taylor

So I had a name, I had a date. When I turned the photo over I saw an address! I asked Mr. Taylor and he said that was where his mother lived.


So began the research.

What was I trying to find out? I wanted to find the location of the photo. I wanted to find an event. But most importantly I wanted to find a historical context to tell this story.

The trump card was I had an identity of a person and some clues: Mr. Nicholas Taylor, and address, and something about the trade union.

Something didn’t add up the photo looked similar but very different to Balmain Town Hall.

I turned to the trusty Sands directory to find a Nicholas Taylor in Balmain.

No match for the address. I had a clue which was Trade union.

I found multiple Nicholas Alexander Taylor’s but only one which was listed as a Labourer.

1910-1911 90 Dick Street Balmain

1913 Clay Street Balmain

Carter’s lane (Wisbeach Lane) 1915-1925

Then the electoral roll

1930 Labourer 173 Beattie Street

1931 Labourer 178 Beattie Street

And Then Finally 1937 Labourer 11 Bruce street Rozelle.

Still present at that Location in 1943.

I had a match I had my man. This told the story of Balmain boy. a Labourer who moved around but never left Balmain.


NAA: A2863, 1916/27

But what about the date? First of all I looked back in time and found that date was a Monday. Hmm strange day to be having a party, must be a significant date.

I started searching digitised newspapers


The first plebiscite, conscription vote was set for Saturday October 28th 1916. Conscription was narrowly defeated 51%  to 49% for.

The trade Union was against conscription.

Written by Ben Carter

Heritage Festival 2016 Discoveries & Rediscoveries

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HeritageWeekEvents FINAL

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The Winking Possum Presents Fenwick’s intro to Nicola’s Universe


A wonderful exhibition by Nicholas Nicola was held at Leichhardt Library  from Jan 5- Feb 29 enjoy here the wonderful opening presentation by Fenwick who had us on the edge of our seats.

Natural Urban by David Kirk – Opening Night Thursday March 10th 6pm


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Leichhardt’s historic model dairy farm…Kinkade Dairy

The Leichhardt Local Government Area has historically been a Sydney geographic location of model suburbs such as Annandale, model farms such as Annandale House and farm cultivated by George Johnston and Esther Abrahams. Did you know about one of the many dairy farms that was viewed as the model Dairy farm located on the corner of Moore Street and McKenzie Street Now known as the 36th Battalion Park.

Sydney Mail (NSW : 1912 – 1938) Wednesday 9 July 1913 p 25 Article Illustrated

Pure Milk Pays

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All.

Thank you for your partnerships and interest in History and Heritage in the Leichhardt Local Government Area for 2015.

Merry Christmas

From The Local History Team

Amie Zar, Ben Carter, Garry Cousins.