Heritage Festival – Haberfield Association Yasmar House and St Davids

So the 2019 Heritage Festival: Connecting People Places and the Past has come to a close with 14 vibrant events including open houses, walking tours, history talks, two exhibitions and the Built Environment Awards attracting over 8oo attendees.

Last Saturday, May 11, the Haberfield Association held a very successful event with the opening of the garden at Yasmar to the public. About 320 people attended. A petition asking the NSW State government to keep Yasmar in public ownership was circulated and 209 people signed the petition. Once 500 signatures are obtained, our local MLA for Summer Hill, Jo Haylen, will present this petition to the State parliament. As a result of this day, the Association obtained eleven new members and ten more people volunteered to help renovate the garden at Yasmar. Many factors contributed to the success of this event but one important one was the positive and cheerful attitude maintained by everyone throughout the day. Congratulations and thanks to all these people.