The Balmain Polka respectfully dedicated to the ladies of Balmain

Check out the the writings by Historian Lisa Murry on The Balmain Polka by Ernesto Spagnoletti on

Cover of ‘The Balmain Polka’ by Ernesto Spagnoletti 1857 SLNSW


The Witches’ Houses of Annandale – AURA Journal 2

When: Tuesday, 4, December, 2018 Time: 6:00pm -8:00pm Where:

Leichhardt Library Piazza Level -Italian Forum, 23 Norton St Leichhardt NSW

More about this event: The Witches’ Houses of Annandale Journal Number 2 Annandale Urban Research Association launch Local authors will showcase images of the majestic houses that stand on Johnston Street, Annandale, between Rose Street and Kentville Avenue. Hear some of the extraordinary women associated with the houses including: • Bertha Blackmann from “Oybin” • Elizabeth Young with “Claremont” • Sister Dorothea with “St Basil’s Home” • Betty Mason (The Annandale Association) that saved the block from further demolitions – and • Sir Henry Parkes, who was living at Kenilworth at the time of his death

Cycling Communities: Cycling clubs in Sydney, 1860s-2000s’


Cycling Communities: Cycling clubs in Sydney, 1860s-2000s’ Date: Sat 24 Nov at the Herb Greedy Hall, Petersham Road. Time: 10:30am -12:00pm

Speaker: Dr Marc Rerceretnam, Cyclo-historian The formation and popularity of bicycle clubs in Australia closely reflects the costs of purchasing a bicycle. In the 1860s it was largely a pastime for the rich and affluent, and by the 1890s it widened to include the middle classes. However by the turn of the twentieth century, with the rich and middle classes smitten with new motorized transportation like automobiles and motorcycles, opportunities to own a bicycle opened up for the first time to the working classes. As a result bicycle clubs flourished throughout the Australian social landscape. The decades following the Second World War saw growth in wealth and the growing affordability of personal motorized transportation. By the 1960s and especially in the 1970s, bicycle users turned away from the low tech bicycle towards the now affordable automobile. However by the 1990s and 2000s the bicycle acquired new meanings, practicalities and charm of bicycles were discovered yet again by new affluent professional classes.

Waratah Rovers Club 1 – Frank Walker glass slide collection, RAHS

Italian Fishing Fleet and the Apia Club Signage