Annandale House

In 1793 George Johnston received a grant of 100 acres on Parramatta Road later additional 290 acres was granted and the suburb was named after his birth place in Scotland. The house was entered through the gates situated on Parramatta Road and was marked by an avenue of Norfolk Island Pines.               



Prior to Annandale being established as a suburb it was a farm that was governed by the Johnston family who owned Annandale House which was built in 1799. the house no longer exists however it was one of the first large brick buildings in the colony and was convict built.  The estate was like a miniature township, with a butcher, bakery, smithy, stores and out houses. At one point the property even had an orangeries. Which is said to have produced the juiciest oranges in the colony and a vineyard. In 1832 Annandale Farm was considered “One of the Most complete farms in the neighbourhood of SydneyThe original Sandstone gates of Annandale House were moved to the front of Annandale Public  School in 1976.

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