'Open Council' – the Leichhardt experience

On Friday 1st of August The Balmain Association launched their latest publication Open Council A New Era In Local Government  by Issy Wyner.

Issy Wyner was an Alderman and Councillor on Leichhardt Council for 25 years spanning 1959 – 1991 and Mayor of Leichhardt in 1989-1990. His work and experience make him a highly relevant author on the topic of Leichhardt’s experience with the principles of an ‘open council’ which advocated public participation and open government.

Wyner doesn’t hold back in his criticism of some of those he shared the Council table with, or of state governments of any colour. Open Council A New Era In Local Government  presents a very personal view of the local government experience post-war at Leichhardt Council.

Open Council is for sale at Leichhardt Library for $20.00

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