Born In Balmain: The ALP’s 120-Years in Balmain

EXHIBITION: Born in Balmain The ALP’s 120-Years in Balmain Opening Night Friday
exhibition Friday to Sunday, 8-10 July, 2011, 10-5pm
At the Balmain Watchhouse, 170 Darling St Balmain.

Exhibits include   -a wonderful array of artworks showing Industrial Balmain, Labor’s 1891 birthplace.

Huge replicas of 1904 Union banners.

About Balmain Institute. Balmain Institute is an independent non-profit organization. After a series of events this year, celebrating local heritage,
the Institute will present fora and Q&A-formated events with expert speakers on Science, Arts, Health, Education, Governance, Economics
and the Environment. All residents are welcome to join.

1 comment to Born In Balmain: The ALP’s 120-Years in Balmain

  • Marika and George Baumann

    Some time ago, we joined Balmain Institute after attending an event. Can’t remember the name of the person we joined up with, and haven’t heard anything since.

    Could you please contact us, and let us know what’s happening?

    Thank you, and kindest regards,

    George Baumann
    0402 984 605.

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