Mondo and More: 20th Century Greening of Leichhardt – Local History Project

Local Historian Roslyn Burge has completed a brilliant  project on the Greening of Leichhardt. Attached is a detailed report on the shifting patterns in the greening of Leichhardt and domestic gardens represented across the different suburbs in the Leichhardt municipality; comprising of photographs, maps, aerials, oral histories, streetscapes and individual gardens. It considers the shift from growing vegetables for domesticate consumption to ‘lifestyle gardens’ and decorative planting. Also consider the development of community gardens and increased native planting and the amazing work done by locals to build up green areas in their Local Area.  The Oral Histories accompanying this research will be made available online in 2012. Keep posted.

Report :   Mondo & More

Phillip Bray

Interview with Phillip Bray by Roslyn Burge

Janice Cave
Bonnie Davidson
David Fonteyn
David and Ann Liddle
Sara Makkinga
John & Jocelyn Morris
Penny Pike
Lorraine Shannon
Jan Wood
Patty Todhunter
Irene Thomas

This Project is part of the Leichhardt Council Local History Grant Scheme. for more information click on the link.

2 comments to Mondo and More: 20th Century Greening of Leichhardt – Local History Project

  • Kay Cordery

    I am very interested in the work being done on Hay St Leichhardt because we have been able to trace our gt grandmother, Elizabeth Manning, nee Donoghue, to 100 Hay St through her son’s enlistment for WW1, giving her as his next of kin. We are keen to know more of her life. Kay Cordery

  • Sandra

    Hi Kay, Possibly your grandmother was the original owner of 100 Hay St, it was built around 1895. I am the current owner, regards Sandra

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