Old Balmain: Paddocks and Shipyards.


The two biggest paddocks in Balmain, were Pilchers (Grafton Street) and Ory’s (cnr of Elliot and Glassop Streets) Ory’s was thickly covered with bushes and trees and a good playground for the children who loved to climb. housing commission homes are built there today.

Shipyards:  Many shipyards were seen around the shores of Balmain and some played a very significant role during World War II. they were Mort’s Dock and Engineering, Foole and Steel, Howard Smith, White and Co S.G White, Adelaide Steamship, Chapmans Dock, Jubilee Storey and Keers, Morrison and Sinclair and Sydney Ferries.

Balmain’s Maritime History includes the history of boat yards, shipyards and ship repair yards which once inhabited Balmain and provided employment for Painters and Dockers.

  • 1. Poole and Steel, Stephen Street
  • 2. Irma and Dick White, Shipwriting, Grafton Street
  • 3. Maritime Services Board Depot, Cameron’s Cove (now proposed Water Police)
  • 4. Nichol Bros. Pty Ltd and Penquin Heavy Lifting Pty Ltd  10-20 Weston Street Balmain East.
  • 5. S.G. White & Co. (the “Bull Ring”) Lookes Avenue
  • 6. Maritime Services Board, Goat Island
  • 7. Adelaide S.S. Co., Nicholson Street
  • 8. Chapman’s Slipway, Hart Street
  • 9. Mort’s Dock & Eng. Co., Mort Bay
  • 10. Stannard’s Launches, Lemm Street
  • 11. Jubilee Eng. Co., Yeroulbin Street
  • 12. Morrison & Sinclair, Long Nose (now Yeroulbin) Point
  • 13. Storey & Keers, Louisa Road
  • 14. Howard Smith S.S. Co. (old coal mine site), Water Street, moved from Adolphus
  • 15. Cockatoo Island
  • 16. S.G. White (“Bull Ring”), Fitzroy Avenue, moved from Lookes Avenue


Nicol Bros Pty Ltd and Penguin Heavy Lifting Pty Ltd, 10-20 Weston Street.


3 comments to Old Balmain: Paddocks and Shipyards.


    Dear Sir / Ms,

    i served my apprenticeship at Jubilee engineering Louisa rd. Long Nose point in the early 70’s. I’m trying to find out information on the company ie: when did they start there, who owned the company, when did it close, did they move to another location etc. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    • Phil Boyd

      Noticed your request re Jubilee. Only thing i have is a picture that i put up on the Back to Balmain site of 3 workers using the hoist there. If you want i cand send to you.

  • Mel Bowron

    I served my apprenticeship at Jubilee Engineering 113 Louisa Road Balmain Jan 1968 to Jan 1972 starting on the grand sum of $20 per week. Mr. Middleton was CEO. The factory was owned by R W Miller, because I worked on the 60 milers to and from Newcastle on the SS Ayrfield, Branxton and Teralba. The Factory was ripped down and sold off. Replaced with waterfront housing. I think in the mid 1980’s. While I was cruising past Long Nose Point at the time working for Rothmans of Pall Mall and saw a bluddy big sign about 3m high “DANGER ASBESTOS”
    Kind Regards,

    Mel Bowron

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