History Week 2012 – Threads.

History Week was full of engaging and informative events. Powerhouse museum curator Lindie Ward, gave a presentation on “What they Wore on the Waterfront”  tracing a history of the clothes worn by men and women on the Balmain Peninsula. Beautiful images from the Tyrell collection, Mitchell Library  and Powerhouse Museums online collection, showed men working on building sites, docks and factories.. wearing Panama Hats, Fedora  hats, Bowlers hats, Dakota hats, waistcoats, braces, three pieces suits and summer linen three quater pants were amongst the clothes worn by men. Women wore working aprons, high neck collars, ankle length skirts, with tailored jackets for outdoor recreational activities such as bike riding and picnics.

Many people have come in to Leichhardt Library to view the Kath Farrell collection. A private collection containing an original Edwardian Satin dress with silk bows, 1950s and 1960s swimwear. Colonial corsets. 1910 childrens dresses, hand operated sewing machine, 1920s  David Jones shop display wig, Mens collars, 1930s shoes, watchmaking devices, 1953 bone tailored dress, 1930s dress, and mens 1940s suit.  For more information on private historic collections why not check out the Australian Dress Register 

Men’s Woolen 1920s Jansen Swimmers

1920s coarse silver wig.

Glass cabinet display, lace, 1930s shoes, 1920s hat, 1850s shoes.



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