Bob Heffernan: The passing of a local legend.

From the left: Alderman Bob Heffernan, Les McMahon MHR, Mayor Les Rodwell, Harrie S Hannaford, Deputy mayor Les Dan Casey. 1975.

Leichhardt Councillors and Council staff were saddened to hear of the passing of former Alderman and Councillor Bob Heffernan on Saturday morning.
Mr Heffernan, 93, passed away peacefully Salvation Army’s Woodport Nursing Home at Erina.
Mayor of Leichhardt Cr Darcy Byrne said that Mr Heffernan represented the working class people of Balmain all of his life.
“Bob lived by the old Balmain ethos of looking after their own,” said Cr Byrne. “He dedicated himself to community service.”

Bob Heffernan was born and raised in Balmain. The one-time dockworker and life-long Balmain Tigers supporter was a noted politician.
He made an enormous contribution to the Leichhardt community over many decades, spending a total of 27 years as an Alderman/Councillor on Leichhardt Council, both as a member of the Australian Labor Party and as an Independent Councillor. He served as Deputy Mayor in 1989-90.
Bob fought overdevelopment in the Inner West and looked out for the locals. He sought to look after everyone, in particular the elderly, and it was Bob’s efforts that led to the securing of the Hannaford Centre for the community. He also served as the last Chairman of the Balmain Hospital Board.
Bob Heffernan was first elected to Council in December 1968. His first term ended in September 1971.
He was re-elected Councillor again for the October 1974 – September 1980 terms of Council.
His final terms of Council were from April 1984 – September 1999.
Mr Heffernan was Deputy Mayor in the 1989/90 year

 BOB HEFFERNAN:” A Tiger to the end.

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