Leichhardt Ludwig Bicentennary exhibition Leichhardt Town Hall

Don’t miss the last days of Looking for Leichhardt 1844-45 trail re-examined at Leichhardt Town hall.

Artist Bill Gannon led a group of artist and a team of scientist to passionately follow Ludwig’s trail on an adventure packed with history art and investigation into some of the most remote parts of Australia.  Bill Ganonn’s 15 painting thoughtfully trace 15 months of Ludwig’s trails starting with a night painting mapping the skies and terrain to more melancholic scenes that express the isolation and misery that his diaries express on stages of the expedition. “Often I found myself in these different states of the brightest hope and the deepest misery”  (Ludwig Leichhardt diaries) and disaster struck often along side discovery.



Ludwig2 ludwig2

Explorer Ludwig Leichhardt inspires central Qld artist’s journey ABC


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