Do you know Stuart Booty who lived at 284 and 286 Elswick Street, Leichhardt from 1926 – 1971?

Tamara Osicka, a sound archivist from the National Film and Sound Archive is looking for information on this fascinating long time resident of Leichhardt. Stuart Booty was a film-maker, inventor, electrical engineer, electrotherapist, radiologist and a pioneer of Australia’s sound recording industry.

Photo 1

Photo 1 Stuart Booty c1925 with one of the gramophones he made, a Vitavox Model A (Courtesy National Film and Sound Archive)


Photo 2-1

Photo 2 A Vitavox record made in 1951 (Courtesy National Film and Sound Archive)

Stuart and his wife Edith Booty lived at 284 and 286 Elswick Street Leichardt from 1926 until they both passed away in 1971. Stuart ran his business, Vitavox Records, for which he manufactured and sold Vitavox gramophones from the premises from 1926 – 1928. He also operated a recording studio where singers, choirs and musicians would come to make records from 1926 – 1963. Stuart and Edith also ran a Electro-therapy and X-ray business from their home.

Tamara was recently interviewed by ABC radio about Stuart Booty (click on the link below to listen to the interview)

Unccovering  the story of sound pioneer Stuart Booty of Leichhardt.

Tamara would love to hear from anyone who knew of Stuart and Edith Booty, have a Vitavox gramophone or who know of any surviving recordings made by Stuart. She would also be interested in talking to anyone who knew their good friends Sid and Enid, Patricia Muriel Bray or Jessie Smith, who was a long time employee of theirs. Please contact Tamara by email at :

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