Lurnea Private hospital Leichhardt on Piper Street

Hi many new queries are coming in about Lurnea Private Hospital which was on Piper Street. Trove displays numerous SMH Birth notices between 1930-1951 If you have any information and or photographs we would love to hear from you.

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  • I was born at Lurnea Private Hospital on 14th January 1941. I later visted my much older sister there when she had her first child. I would then have been about 9 or 10 so I gather Lurnea was open during the War years and some few beyond 1945. I was told that the hospital was demolished to make more room for the Annandale Bowling Club, now known as the Leichhardt Bowling & Recreation Club, situated at 88-92 Piper Street. I was also told there was a large photo of the old hospital hanging in the Club.

  • Jean Bright

    I was born at Lurnea Private Hospital on the 1st September, 1946. I was just looking at my birth certificate and thought I would look up the hospital to see if it was still there. I don’t know when it was demolished, but would like to know.

  • Marie Shannon

    My Great Aunt was an owner of the hospital. I may have a few photos around but they won’t be that great and came onto this site hoping that someone has a really good one.

  • I was born at Lurnea Private Hospital 28 September, 1946. My mother tells me she had to be carried up stairs.

  • Lorraine O'Brien

    My husbands family O’Brien owned and lived in Lurnea Privatr Hospital prior to it becoming a hospital.

  • Julie Williams

    I was born in Lurnea on 14 August 1947. My mum just made it there, and I was born 20 minutes later.

  • Lorraine O'Brien

    I have a little information about and also a photograph of Lurnea when it was a private home owned by my husband’s family..
    Lorraine O’Brien.

    • Bruce harrison

      Hello Lorraine,
      I was interested and surprised to see the name ‘O’Brien mentioned in the comments section regarding lurnea private hospital in piper Street, Leichhardt. I recently found in a second hand clothing store in Tasmania a small black bound hymnal companion book with the name M O’brien, Windsorlea, piper street, Leichhardt clearly written inside the front page. It’s dated August second, 1904. where it’s been sitting for the last 114 years I just don’t know, however I’m sure your husband would like it back in his family history collection.
      Bruce Harrison.

    • Colleen Cummins

      Hi my friend was born in lurnea private hospital in 1947 and would dearly love a photo of the home before it became a hospital on the site of the Leichhardt Bowling Club in Piper st Leichhardt funnily enough her name is O’Brien as well

    • Hi Lorraine not sure if you will read this but you say you have a photo of Lurnea private hospital would dearly love a copy as my friend Maureen O’Brien was born there in 1947


    WENDY WHITE (TOLLEY) I was looking up my birth certificate and found I was born at Lurnea Private Hospital in March ,1944 a long time ago but it has gone by now.

  • Rhyll Bucknell nee Dalliston

    Jeannette Rhyll Bucknell born Dalliston 27 August 1947

  • Sergio Zampatti

    I too was born at Lurnea Private Hospital (in 1946). My parents lived very near the Women’s Hospital in Surry Hills , were not at all well off and had no motor vehicle so I wonder why they chose a private hospital in another suburb. All I can think of is that my mother thought very highly of a Dr. Bentivoglio in Macquarie Street, perhaps he had an association with Lurnea.

  • Guys and girls I am the manager of Leichhardt bowling and recreation club, I have never seen a photo of the hospital, since I started in 2006 there hasn’t been a photo in the club. Just wanted to clear that up. I don’t even believe the local library has one. As we were trying to source one a few years ago

  • Joel Buttling

    Hi. I’ve just been told that my Mum was born at Lurnea Private in 1949. I too would appreciate any photo (s) or other information about the place if anyone discovers anything. I’ll let you know if I do. Good luck, Joel.

  • Valerie Kotzur nee Aspin

    I was recently asked where I was born so I looked up my Birth Certificate to find I was born at Lurnea Private Hospital, Piper Street, Leichhardt on 24th October 1948. I can remember mum telling me there were weevils in the porridge that was served for breakfast each morning. She was told that the protein was good for her.

  • wendy alford

    I was born there too on 6 th November 1941 but don’t have any information

  • Judith Mayer

    Thanks for the contacts I too was born at Lurnea Hospital in June 1940 not much was said about the hospital but I do know that it was a difficult birth for my Mum due to me being 3 weeks overdue. That era didnt discuss birth the way modern mums do. Pity because one could have had more empathy for the difficult time that she endured. No hospital records only birth certificate.

  • Dorothy Ius

    lurnea private hospital was turned into a boarding house and i think it was run by a Dutch family i stayed there in September 1952 for 3 weeks when i came back from Brisbane then i returned to live with my aunt in Clarendon rd Stanmore

  • Stephanie C'shaw

    I was born in Lurnea Private Hospital in Nov 1947. I think my sister was also born there in July 1950 as our family lived in Leichhardt, I guess it was the closed hospital at the time. I remember walking past the hospital as a young child, so that would have been in the 50’s when my mother pointed out to me that that was the hospital I had been born in. I too would love to see a photograph of the old hospital, such a pity it is no longer…

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