Leichhardt’s historic model dairy farm…Kinkade Dairy

The Leichhardt Local Government Area has historically been a Sydney geographic location of model suburbs such as Annandale, model farms such as Annandale House and farm cultivated by George Johnston and Esther Abrahams. Did you know about one of the many dairy farms that was viewed as the model Dairy farm located on the corner of Moore Street and McKenzie Street Now known as the 36th Battalion Park.

Sydney Mail (NSW : 1912 – 1938) Wednesday 9 July 1913 p 25 Article Illustrated

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  • Ruth Kinkade

    Hi If you’re mentioning Kinkade’s Model Dairy, it was on the cnr of Moore & Catherine st, Leichhardt. Known as 75 Moore Street, was my great grandfathers residence & Dairy. The picture is of his daughters, mostly run with the help of family including my father Keith Kinkade

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