The Queen Visits Ashfield 1954

We recently obtained a photograph in the Inner West Council Library and History collections of  Queens Elizabeth II visit to Ashfield. So it was February 6 1954  just 3 days after the Queen landed in Australia when the royal car and entourage made its way from Burwood to Concord making stops to wave and connect with over one million lining the streets to get a glimpse.

Read all about the historic traffic jams in the SMH

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), Saturday 6 February 1954, page 6

The Queen’s car drove down Parramatta Road along Ashfield Park: 6 February 1954

Image: Queen Elizabeth courtesy of Inner West Council Library and History Service

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  1. Wonderful to recall. I was among thousands of primary pupils in Concord Park. It was a very hot day and many youngsters fainted and were carried to shady trees for water and recovery . We ‘war babies’ were a tough breed.

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