Resident Artist Ian Chapman at the Dawn Fraser Baths

Ian Chapman is the current artist in residence at the Balmain historic gem “the Dawn Fraser Pool” set on the western foreshores of the Balmain Peninsula and tucked away to the side of Elkington Park. Upon our visit down to the pool to celebrate paintings by Ian Chapman the common beautiful tranquillity of the baths invites you into an old tranquil world surrounded by spectacular vegetation.

With old 1880 historic weatherboard structures, cool tranquil waters and timber boardwalks all set the scene for artistic inspiration. The artists space catches the breeze off Sydney harbour and provides a feast of visual inspiration with echo’s of a former Working Harbour with Cockatoo Island juxtaposed with the celebrated Heritage protected shoreline, which takes in Elkington Park.

Long-time established artist and art teacher, Ian has spent the best part of his life painting Australian scenes from urban Parramatta Road to the urban industrial buildings of the Inner west to the tranquil beaches.

Ian’s time at the Dawn Fraser Baths has been an opportunity to visually sink into the clear green waters of the baths and engage with the regular swimmers and groups of locals who love the pool so dearly

Enjoy here his works in progress Watch this space for an emerging exhibition. Be seen at the LOST (Leichhardt Open Studio Trail) exhibition in March 2016 at the Dawn Fraser Baths.


c.Dawn Fraser Pool by Ian Chapman 2015

Dawn Fraser Pool by Ian Chapman 2015

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