Oral History with Ted Tamsett

In December 2012, I had the pleasure of meeting and conducting an oral history with an old true Local, Ted Tamsett the grandson of Patrick Cronin and Julia Cronin, the original owners and publicans of Leichhardt hotel, situated on the corner of Wetherill Street and Balmain Road.

This photo was taken the day before the hotel was demolished. L-R Mrs Robinson, Julia Cronin, Jack Ogilvir, Majorie Tamsett 3yrs, old, Florence Cronin and her husband Jack (Licensee of the hotel) Cora Robinson – daughter of Mrs Robinson, unknown child) Ellen Tamsett (Nell Cronin) and her husband Edgar Tamsett and Alfe Nugent.

Leichhardt Hotel was originally constructed in 1888 in the Victorian Filigree style, featuring decorative cast iron brackets and an Iron filigree verandah. The hotel was demolished and re-designed by architect Sidney Warden in 1924.

Ted Tamsett was born on 28th October 1923 in the old Leichhardt Hotel. He attended Leichhardt Public School then went to school at St Fiacres until 5th class. He worked with this family in the hotel until he was registered and called to service for World War 2 and entered the air-force. On discharge he returned to Leichhardt and took over the running of the Leichhardt hotel. Great changes to the hotel occurred. Hours were changed from 6pm to 10pm but with a closing hour between 6-7 pm to drive all the clients home for dinner. The original hotel was demolished and the new one was designed and built by the architect Sidney Warden built around 1924 hotel. Sidney Warden later designed the addition of the Lounge hotel to the rear of the pub.

Cnr of Wetherill Street and Balmain Road.