Wall to Wall Bus Tour

This Year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Wall to Wall Mural competition. As part of the Heritage Festival 2016 Discoveries and Rediscoveries we conducted a bus tour of seven stops, just a taster of the overall 60 large and small scale murals in the Leichhardt LGA administrated by Public Arts Officer Bronwyn Tuohy.

Each year Wall2Wall adds another series of award winning murals, adding quality site specific murals to the local cultural landscape. On this tour we journeyed from iconic political murals from the 80s such as The Crescent Mural of Annandale, to murals that identify artists as individuals with their own signature style. The tour celebrates the diverse range of creativity expressed through murals in public space.

Stop: Lambert Park Wall – (Artist: Numskull and Beastman)

Tour Guide. Bronwyn Tuohy

Stop 7: Project Ugly – rolling platform – current work (April 2016) by Stuart Sale