Artist Talk – Vince Vozzo May 10th @ 6pm Leichhardt Library

Join us on May 10 at 6pm for 6:30pm start for an Artist Talk with renowned artist and sculptor Vince Vozzo.

Michael Hedger the Director of Manly Art Gallery & Museum will lead a conversation  with Artist and Sculptor Vince Vozzo whose work  made from giant slabs of imported Italian marble form the basis for his most spectacular work, including The Last Desire, which is the largest piece of single-handedly carved marble in Australia. Vozzo has exhibited in 32 solo exhibitions and produced thousands of artworks in different mediums. His exhibition “Dreaming of Galileo” has been at the Manly Art Gallery and Museum Feb—March 2016.


“An obsession with surface and perfection over the past three decades has driven Vince to transform cold inanimate objects into warm figures full of life,” says Michael Hedger,

While best known for his sculpture, Vince works in a variety of media, and this exhibition will also feature a recent large drawing and a provocative frieze of 20th century artists.

“His sculptural works are modernist in approach, exhibiting purity in line, geometry and form but these forms are from a tradition begun in the Paeolithic period with famous fertility carvings such as Venus of Willendorf. They were revived early in the 20th century by Matisse’s reclining rounded female figures and then realized in the sculpture of Henry Moore where the figures came to resemble landforms. Like those of his predecessors, particularly in the paintings and sculpture of Brett Whiteley, Vozzo’s exaggerated voluminous forms exude abundance, fertility and sensuality.” says Michael Hedger, Director of Manly Art Gallery & Museum.

Vince has exhibited internationally and widely within Australia including at Sculpture by the Sea (13 times to date) and for the McClelland Sculpture Survey Award, and the Wynne and Blake Prizes.

In a career spanning three decades, he has had 32 solo exhibitions and produced thousands of artworks in different media.

Vozzo is the recipient of numerous awards and commissions and his work is represented in private and public collections in Australia, Europe, USA and Asia. Vince’s work has also been seen on the small screen, including a sand sculpture that he created for Robert Hughes’s documentary The Fatal Shore.