Birchgrove Public School

The Class of 69 (& friends) reunite!


FROM Frances Peters-Little: On 22nd March 2008, the Class of 69 hosted a Birchgrove School Reunion at the Town Hall Hotel on the corner of Darling and Mullens Sts, Balmain. Over 20 people and their friends attended, including Neil Perkins, Michael Russell, Denise Hunt and Jimmy Little. Former pupils who attended were Mary Carter, Vicki Bailey, Shauna Willoughby, Debbie O’Shannassy, Leonie Middleton, Karen Arthur, Fiona Willoughby, Anisah Alkamrakhi, William Moss, Rosie Manoursaridis, Kim Fitzgerald, and Linda Stanford, Frances Little, Bernice Ross, Les Dinham, Ross Gilding, Kerry Palmer, Debbie McPharlan, Steven Delaney and Michael Halasz. Nevertheless a great night was had by all.

Apologies from those who could not attend were; Stephen Prest, Billy Carter, Narelle Garside, Kim Lincoln, Sue Sovic, Barry Armstrong, Patricia Montgomery, Christine Purdie, Brian Scott, Stephen Leitch, Debbie Bailey, Stan Lock, Elinor Hawkins and Luigi Orefice; and though a much larger number of people were notified, they were either not interested in coming or were unable to attend. The night was celebrated with songs from the 1960s and 1970s hit parade jukebox/karaoke, good food and drink, with a professional photographer on hand to take photos of the night. From the survey taken, it seemed that Mr. Peck, Mr. Redman, Ms. Anderson and Ms. Morgan were the favourite teachers. That the most popular friends amongst the girls were Kerry Palmer and Patricia Montgomery and the most popular amongst the boys was Stephen Prest. The girls who had the most crushes were Rita Kilazaklov and Kerry Palmer and the boys were Ciano Glavina and David Edwards. 

The most favourite memory of Birchgrove that people agreed on was ‘playing sports at Birchgrove oval or going to Dawn Fraser pool’ and the annual Birchgrove Ball at the Town Hall where everyone was expected to do the Pride of Erin and Canadian 3-Step. The most unfavourable moment people agreed upon was ‘drinking warm, sour milk’. The most valuable lesson they learnt from Birchgrove was ‘Friendship’ and themost missed persons on the night were Kim Lincoln and Steven Prest. Many phone numbers and email contacts were traded throughout the night and much talk about another ‘get-together’ in the not so far future. 

                          Birchgrove Public School, 1913

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  • Mark Chaushev

    Hi Guys,

    My name is Mark Chaushev and I attended Birchgrove Primary School in 1969. I just came across alot of my old classmates from my time at Birchgrove. I noticed that back in 2008 many of you had a get together for a reunion at the Town Hall hotel in Balmain.

    Unfortunately I did’nt hear anything about it and would have loved to have been there and to catch up with old friends who I grew up with at Birchy. The names came flooding back like Rita Kilazaklov, Debbie O’Shannassy, Rosie Mansouridis, Kerry Palmer, Leonie Middleton and Karen Arthur.

    I know that they are really hard to track down now because they probably married and have name changes. But would love to hear from a few of you. If somebody comes across this message I would really appreciate it if you could pass this message on.

    Thanks so much take care.

    Mark Chaushev.

  • Debbie O'Shannassy

    Hi Mark,
    Looking up family history and came across this. Too funny. Kerry Palmer is on facebook and I am as well under Debra van der Wielen. Would love to have a chat. Hope all is well with you. I f you are not on facebook my Email is
    Take care

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