Birchgrove Public School

The Class of 69 (& friends) reunite!

FROM Frances Peters-Little: On 22nd March 2008, the Class of 69 hosted a Birchgrove School Reunion at the Town Hall Hotel on the corner of Darling and Mullens Sts, Balmain. Over 20 people and their friends attended, including Neil Perkins, Michael Russell, Denise Hunt and Jimmy Little. Former pupils who attended were Mary Carter, Vicki Bailey, Shauna Willoughby, Debbie O’Shannassy, Leonie Middleton, Karen Arthur, Fiona Willoughby, Anisah Alkamrakhi, William Moss, Rosie Manoursaridis, Kim Fitzgerald, and Linda Stanford, Frances Little, Bernice Ross, Les Dinham, Ross Gilding, Kerry Palmer, Debbie McPharlan, Steven Delaney and Michael Halasz. Nevertheless a great night was had by all.