Terricks Hospital – Balmian Road 1932 -1951

Does anyone have family who were born a the Terricks hospital roughly located at 483 Balmain Road from 1932 – 1951. Prior to this it was located at 151 (now 69) Cecily Street Leichhardt.
Dr Barry of Balmain who resied at 449 Darling Street Balmain and Nurse Constance delivered many babies between 1921-1951. Do you hav eany family phortographs that show the Terricks Hospital.

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  1. Nurse Constant( not Constance) is my Great grandmother . We have a great wealth of knowledge about The Terrick’s form her grandson who was born and raised there. We would be interested in sharing any information with you.

    • I am also a great grand daughter of Ellen Constant and am interested in the family history. I understand that that her younger sister took over management (Nell) when Ellen died. I would be grateful if B Stapleton would contact me. jigglette67@gmail.com

    • Hi, do you have a photo of the Terricks Private Hospital? My Dad was born there and I would love to be able to show him a picture of it. Thanks

    • Good Morning B Stapleton.
      My Mother Valerie Robertson was born at the Terricks on 20/01/1945 and would really love to get in contact with you about the history of the Terricks. Especially if you have a photo of the building or any information on who owned the home before Nurse Constant or who built it. She has been looking for years and just cannot seem to find this info. If you could please email me on the below email address that would be lovely. Thanking you Kindly. Mel.

  2. Hi I was born 22.2.1945 at Nurse Constant in Balmain Road. My maiden name was Molloy, my mother’s name was Thelma.
    I don’t know the name of the Hospital, perhaps it was Terricks as the time frame fits.
    Have a nice day.

    • Hi Terese, Did you live on Waterview St Balmain. ? My Grandmother (Irvine) did & I often visited. My Aunty Joyce ( Henderson) also did. I remember the Molloy family living on the same street. My email address is megg46@gmail.com if you did. I realise this is not a site that you may ever even go to again but if you do it would be nice to say Hi & catch up. Regards Margaret.

  3. I was born at The Terricks Private Hospital on 21 July 1949. Dr Lee was the doctor attending my mother. Only found out a few days ago the name of the hospital where I was born. Would like any info or to see a photo of the old hospital.

  4. I was born at Terricks Private Hospital on 25th June, 1949 and my brother was born there 2 years earlier. I was also delivered by Dr Lee, who according to my mother, was wanting me to hurry up (I was breech) because he wanted to go to a the local football game! I would really love a photo or more information about the hospital.
    My mother also mentioned that Nurse Constant was there.

  5. I was born at this hospital also on the 19/04/1946. My mothers name was Margaret West. I believe Dr Greenberg was my mothers doctor.

  6. Nurse constant was my grandmother, my mother was nurse Nellie constant who married stanislaus Moore and were midwives who worked locally until they bought into the Terricks hospital and worked there until about 1951

    • Dear B Moore it is wonderful to hear from you. We get so many queries regarding Terricks Hospital and nurse Constant. it would be wonderful to collate a comprehensive history of Terricks Hospital could you contact me early Feburary on 9367 9335 Local History Leichhardt Lirbary

  7. I was born in the Nurse Constant (private?) hospital on 15 August 1936, Dr. Charles Barry, our family Dr. while I lived in Leichhardt, attending. I am in the process of compiling a historical retrospective of my time at 7 Edith St.for presentation to the local historical society and am pleased to have found, after many years of uncertainty, a definite reference to my place of birth. I remember mum pointing out the building once or twice on the way to visit my grandparents and, as I recall, it was on a corner. The old house was a lot nicer than the present structure.

  8. I was born on 23 February 1937 at Nurse Constant’s Private Hospital on Balmain Road, Leichhardt. My maiden name was Smedley. My family lived in Leichhardt for many years and my parents and grandparents went to Orange Grove Public School. My mother, Rosanna Smedley (nee Presdee) was born on 8 February 1918, and was delivered by Nurse Constant in their home at 22 Grove Street Leichhardt.

  9. My mother Rosanna, died last year aged 96. She had a wonderful memory and used to talk often about her young days in Leichhardt. We moved from there in 1942 but my mother’s parents lived on in Leichhardt in Cecily Street till 1948. They had moved there from Grove Street in 1920. My father’s mother lived in Mary Street until she died in 1978, my uncle staying there till 1987. My Mother had a brother born in 1921 and a sister born in 1923. They were delivered by Nurse Constant in her private hospital in Cecily Street. Another sister was delivered by Nurse Constant in 1928. I don’t know if she was born in Cecily Street but according to the dates it was probably Balmain Road.

  10. I was born in this hospital on the 8/9/1948 Dr Barry is on my birth certificate & the nurse was nurse Moore. my fathers name was Horatio Nelson Wise & my mums name was Jean Iris Pierce.
    go the tigers
    Garry Wise

  11. I am one of twins born at Nurse Constant’s Private Hospital in March 1946, address was given as 471 Balmain Road Leichhardt which probably puts it around Grove Street. The Doctors mentioned were Dr. Fermer and Dr. Greenberg, and I believe I was named after Dr. Greenberg’s wife. Would love to see a photo of the building, if one still exists.

      • Hi Carole, nice to hear from you. Yes we lived in Balmain, our cousin Gail Cambourn also went to Riverside. We left in 1962. I remember your name Carole, but cant put a face to you. Are you in our school photos, because I still have quite a few of them. I am also doing the family history….

  12. I was born there in January 1945 byDr Barry. Would love to hear from nurse Constant’s great grand daughter as I have been trying to get a photo of hospital. My number is 0456 154 823
    Be lovely to hear from you.

  13. I was born at Nurse Constants on 19.6.48 delivered by Dr English who had practice in darling St Balmain

  14. The hospital had gone when my sister was born so she was delivered st Queen Victoria private hospital in Annandale in 1954

  15. Hi all, my name is June Kearney & I was born @ the Terricks on 11th May 1938. My bro was born there in 1949, my sis in 1941. I remember Mum going to Dr Greenburg in Balmain, but I thought Dr Service from Drummoyne may have delivered me. I can’t seem to find anything on who delivered me or what time of day it was & I would love to know. If anyone can help & tell me where I can sight the original records I would be very happy. Please don’t hesitate to cantact me if you can help, my email is kearney20@yahoo.com.au. Cheers.June

  16. Hi , my name is Carole Twist nee Terry ,I was born in 1944 at the Terricks Hospital in Balmain Rd , I remember people talking about nurse Constant and nurse Walker , Dr English and Dr Barry our family home is still in our Family after 100 years in Mort St Balmain , my relations were the Slaters , Halls lincolns ,James Slater came to Balmain as a convict , I have enjoyed reading all the comments on this page ,thank you .

  17. Hi, My name is Dinah Jopson (nee Hevey) and I was told I was the last female baby born at The Terricks on June 21 1950. On my Birth Certificate is lists the address as 471 Balmain Road Leichhardt. The Witnesses Listed are Dr Service and Sister Moore.
    There was a male born June 17th Brian Mitchell, who was the last male baby born there. I was told (maybe family legend) it then became a nursing home for retired nurses.
    My parents lived in Drummoyne at the time my Dad was a Barber and had a shop at 192 Victoria Rd Drummoyne

    Would love to see more information about it, this is so interesting

    • Hi I was born there 25-4-48 Anzac day.
      My parents lived at Drummoyne ad well. Dr Service was our family GP.

  18. Hi, I’m Brian Ringrose. My Claim To Fame Was Being Born At Terricks Jan. 1 1950. Can’t Get A Much Neater Date Than That But I Don’t Recommend To Anyone Being Born On Jan. 1 In Any Year. (Every One Is Getting Over The Night Before & It’s Suddenly Jan.2) Some How One Of My Sons Was Also Born On Jan 1. 1980. If I’m Correct Terricks Was Opposite Callen Park Up Near An Eastern Gate On Balmain Rd. I Believe It Became A Bakery & Today It’s A Commercial Building Or A Residential Building Of Sorts. This Information Is Mainly From Memory Or Interpretation Over All Of Those 66 Years. I lived In Little Arthur St Rozelle With My Parents & Older Brother For A Short Period Before Moving To 362 (?) Little Darling St Balmain, Just Down From The Pub & Across The Intersection Where The Hoyts Movie Theatre Was Located. Rented Premises To Back Of Shop Fronting Darling St. ( Hairdressers & Jewelers ) With Bedrooms Over The Shop. Used To Look Out The Window & Watch The Tram Conductors Apply Sand Onto The Tracks To Assist Traction As The Trams Would Struggle In The Wet At The Intersection. Other Brother Born In Balmain Hospital, 1956. Left Balmain Jan. 9 1958 To A Housing Commission House At North Ryde In What Then Seemed To Be The Country With Dirt Roads, Orchards, Creek & Bush. I Am The Sole Survivor Of This Family. (Sept 13 2016.)

  19. I am wondering if the Local History staff at Leichhardt Library has collated any history regarding Terricks Private Hospital in the form of a booklet or something similar?
    I was born there on 25th June, 1949 and would love to know more about the place.
    Thank you, Diane Bonney (nee Bastian).

  20. My Dad was born here on 15/1/1947, on his birth certificate it is called Nurse Constants Private Hospital. Was wondering if a photo of the hospital is available?

  21. I wrote back in June 2015, that I was born at Nurse Constant’s Private Hospital on 23 February 1937. My mother Rosanna Presdee was delivered by Nurse Constant at home, 20 Grove Street, 8 Feb. 1918.
    On talking to my aunty who is now 95, she tells me that Nurse Constant delivered her brother Harold in 1921, she was born in March 1923, and another sister Patricia in Feb, 1928. They were all born at home at 94 Cecily Street, when Nurse Constant was living in Cecily Street and not in her hospital. So I was the only baby born in the hospital.

  22. Patricia Best,(Duncan) was born in 1946 and was delivered by Dr. Barry at Terricks hospital. She now resides in Umina. She loves to reminisce about her time living in Balmain and talking about her wonderful friend Dr. Barry. Patty’s brother was an apprentice at Cockatoo Docks and her father worked on the Navy ships on Garden Island

  23. I was born at Nurse Constant’s Hospital at 471 Balmain Rd. in 1943. This is right near the end of Balmain Rd. before it becomes Darling St. The doctor attending was Dr. Jenner. However, I notice mention of Dr. Keston in 1949. He was our family doctor for very many years. He must been just starting his practice a few years after I was born. He was the junior partner with Dr. English. I see the buildings along this stretch of the road don’t show up on the map. I must have a look and see what is there now. The information above that it seems to have been on the corner of Alberto St. is useful. I can solve the puzzle of why some people have reported the suburb on the records as being Leichhardt. On my full birth certificate it says 471 Balmain Rd., Municipality of Leichhardt. On the extract of the birth certicate that is shortened to just Leichhardt. So now I’ve got my place of birth on my passport as Leichhardt instead of Rozelle. We still live in Mort St. in Balmain.

  24. I was born on 15th April 1935 at nurse constants. My mum Wynn worked for Dr H C Barry for many years. He was the Osbornes family doctor most of whom lived in the Louisa rd. Birchgrove area. We were living in Birchgrove road when I was born. My dad was George and my grandfather was George.

  25. I was born Stephen Charles Cant on the 29th of June 1949. My great grandfather owned the box factory on the corner of Mullen’s and Enis St, Balmain.

  26. It is wonderful that so many people have responded to Local Notes. Most people have chanced upon this site. Imagine if it was advertised to the locals. I am wondering if a researcher from the council/library or local historian could get a grant to research such an important landmark.
    I am still searching for any photos of “The Terricks” but I’ve hit a brick wall. ( pun intended).
    NSW State Archives is digitising private hospitals at the moment. I’m sure if enough of us wanting information on The Terricks contact them we should get some answers.

  27. My father was born at Nurse Constant in 1935. I would like to find out whether there is a register of stillbirths in the period from the centre’s opening in 1932 to 1935? Have any of the files been given to the NSW archives?
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Paul Osborne.

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