Talk – Migrants for Aboriginal Rights : Solidarity with Refugees

Don’t forget to book in for this Event this Thursday 16th May 6:00pm


One major area of activism has been support for Aboriginal rights. It included the formation of a coalition in 1988, promoted by FILEF and involving several progressive organizations from other Ethnic Groups, to coincide with celebrations of the Bicentenary, or rather Invasion Day, as the Aborigines call it.

Another big area to which FILEF directs its commitment is the issue of migrants, of any kind, but especially, in more recent times, of asylum seekers, escaping from situations of crisis and danger, mostly caused by the very nations who now want to reject them back. Among our initiatives, public meetings accompanied by publications and photo exhibitions.

The presentation will include screening of Fabio Cavadini’s Film Protected (1975) about Palm Island and addresses by Aboriginal representatives.

Thursday 16 May
Leichhardt Library
23 Norton Street, Italian Forum, Piazza Level, Leichhardt
Free Event

Bookings required – 9367 9338 or

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