Unilever Balmain

Exhibition August 1-30 @ Leichhardt Library

Jim Nash Unilever History Presentation

Unilever2Unilver in Balmain Opened in 1892 ceasing operation in 1988.  On August 6th we held the opening of the Unilver Exhibition with over 50 guest including old time Balmain Employees of Unilever and present Employees of Unilever. The Exhibition was the outcome of of a Leichhardt Library Local History Grant obtained by ASHET ( Australian Society for History of Engineering and Technology). Co-ordinated by ASHET secretary Ian Arthur and  design by Judy Denby of Site Specific. Jim Nash a longtime employee gave an historical presentation having been an employee for 52years and playing an active role in product and packaging development. Jim  enhanced the exhibition with his personal collection and memorabilia including vintage packaging, certificates, medals and 1940s Woman Weekly adds.

Thank you to special guest Councillor Craig Channells, Cr Vera Ann Hannaford, Jim Nash – Unilever and Ian Arthur from ASHET

All in all it was a 3 part Exhibition Please find attached a slide presentation on the history of Unilever – Balmain

The Exhibition is on until August 30.

display  exhibition - UnileverIMG_1755

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