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First municipal elections for newly formed Annandale Council following secession from Leichhardt Council, Annandale, 1894.


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  • Les Robinson

    Dear Sir/ madam,
    I am looking for information on William Webster and the results of elections he was involved in. I have some old family papers where he was involved in a dispute in Annandale Ward. I do not have a year but it was in the early 1900 and apparently the Mayor changed the voting day from a Saturday to a Tuesday (April 18th) to affect the outcome. I have a pamphlet put out by William Webster whom was originally voted in imploring people to vote.
    I know it is a tall order but any help would be appreciated.
    Yours sincerely,
    Les Robinson

  • Diane Ayres

    My name is Diane and I am trying to confirm the Date Of Birth of my second great grand Uncle: Frederick E W Smith, ex Alderman & Mayor of Annandale. Died 1929. I believe he may have been born in Sussex England. Do you have any information on his birth location ? Or could you direct me to a records site please.
    Many thanks,

  • Gavin Smith

    Hi Diane, Fredrick Edward William Smith is my Great Great Grandfather,he was born 1851 Sussex, England.sorry I don’t have the day,month. He married. Mary Ann Seaton at the church of Christ, Echuca, Victoria, Australia in 1878. I have that he died in 1919. I’ve just started doing the family tree. So maybe we can help each other.

  • Jill Lomas-Fletcher

    Hi Diane,

    Fredrick Edward William Smith is my Great Grandfather and I have the year he was born as being 1840 in Sussex, year he died 1919 in
    Annandale. His spouse Mary Ann Seaton D.O.B. 28-3-1878 Echuca Vic.
    Fredrick parents: James Smith D.O.B. 11-8-1818 Rolvenden Kent u.k. D.O.D. 10-11-1895 Newcastle N.S.W.
    Mary Balcombe D.O.B. 2-10-1815 New Romney Kent u.k. D.O.M. 12-8-1835 New Romney Kent
    D.O.D. 23-12-1904. N.S.W.

    Mary Ann parents: Abraham Balcombe – Mercy Webb
    I Have quite a lot of information about the Smith family if required. Jill

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