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  1. Dear Sir/ madam,
    I am looking for information on William Webster and the results of elections he was involved in. I have some old family papers where he was involved in a dispute in Annandale Ward. I do not have a year but it was in the early 1900 and apparently the Mayor changed the voting day from a Saturday to a Tuesday (April 18th) to affect the outcome. I have a pamphlet put out by William Webster whom was originally voted in imploring people to vote.
    I know it is a tall order but any help would be appreciated.
    Yours sincerely,
    Les Robinson

  2. My name is Diane and I am trying to confirm the Date Of Birth of my second great grand Uncle: Frederick E W Smith, ex Alderman & Mayor of Annandale. Died 1929. I believe he may have been born in Sussex England. Do you have any information on his birth location ? Or could you direct me to a records site please.
    Many thanks,

  3. Hi Diane, Fredrick Edward William Smith is my Great Great Grandfather,he was born 1851 Sussex, England.sorry I don’t have the day,month. He married. Mary Ann Seaton at the church of Christ, Echuca, Victoria, Australia in 1878. I have that he died in 1919. I’ve just started doing the family tree. So maybe we can help each other.

  4. Hi Diane,

    Fredrick Edward William Smith is my Great Grandfather and I have the year he was born as being 1840 in Sussex, year he died 1919 in
    Annandale. His spouse Mary Ann Seaton D.O.B. 28-3-1878 Echuca Vic.
    Fredrick parents: James Smith D.O.B. 11-8-1818 Rolvenden Kent u.k. D.O.D. 10-11-1895 Newcastle N.S.W.
    Mary Balcombe D.O.B. 2-10-1815 New Romney Kent u.k. D.O.M. 12-8-1835 New Romney Kent
    D.O.D. 23-12-1904. N.S.W.

    Mary Ann parents: Abraham Balcombe – Mercy Webb
    I Have quite a lot of information about the Smith family if required. Jill

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