celebrating History Week 2008 – row, swim, sail, fish, bathe!

70 people joined us down on the waterfront at Balmain’s Dawn Fraser Baths – the oldest surviving tidal-baths in Australia- as we celebrated History Week 2008.

Heritage consultant Meredith Walker gave an illustrated presentation on the history of bathing pools around the Leichhardt and Balmain foreshores, and Leichhardt Rowing Club’s Barry Moynahan held our attention with his words and an image presentation exploring the history of the Club that was opened in 1886 by Sir Henry Parkes.

Meredith Walker has identified 9 bathing pools that have existed around the Balmain and Leichhardt foreshore since 1875.  We’ll be putting up some of her research into swimming baths here on LOCAL NOTES soon.

celebrating History Week 2008 – my place

Everyone’s place has a story, and on September 10 thirty eager year 2 students from Leichhardt Public School joined us for an afternoon of discovery, diving-deep into the history of ‘their place’. The afternoon included a look at some of our photographic collection, a chance for the kids to find out who lived in their house 100 years ago using the Sands Sydney & Suburban Directory, exploring the story of the old Balmain Cemetery (today Pioneer Park on Norton Street) through a couple of 1930s newsreels from our collection and finished off with a treasure hunt around Leichhardt Library. Fun for all!




at the water’s edge : History Week 2008 September 6-14

We are celebrating life at the water’s edge during September!


Wherever waters rise or fall, there’s a story, and events across the Leichhardt area in September are a great opportunity to explore just how central the water’s edge has been since before European colonisation.
From photographic exhibitions, speakers nights to guided walks there’s plenty happening – download our events list here (requires PDF reader):dl_brochure_web1
And don’t forget we are  wanting to hear about your time spent ‘at the water’s edge’ – log on and share your memories – see the ‘MY WATER’S EDGE’ tab at the top of our masthead, and get typing!