JOURNEY TO A NEW LIFE: Italian migration in NSW

We are getting a huge response to this exhibition which went up early September during History Week and continues until October 30 at Leichhardt Library.

To date we have had more than a dozen high school groups (coming from as far as Adamstown, Newcastle) seniors groups and a western Sydney historical society visit the exhibition. Developed by Co.As.It Italian Heritage, Journey to a New Life pays an emotional tribute to the courage and sacrifices made by Italians who left behind their homeland to start a new life in New South Wales.

A work-sheet for use by high school classes has been developed around the major themes in the exhibition and can be downloaded here (requires PDF reader) journey-exhibition

Pietro Carnavale, with co-workers on the Hume Weir preparing Sunday lunch, Albury 1927.

Santo Acruri arrives in Sydney, March 1956. Image courtesy Acruri family.

at the water’s edge : History Week 2008 September 6-14

We are celebrating life at the water’s edge during September!


Wherever waters rise or fall, there’s a story, and events across the Leichhardt area in September are a great opportunity to explore just how central the water’s edge has been since before European colonisation.
From photographic exhibitions, speakers nights to guided walks there’s plenty happening – download our events list here (requires PDF reader):dl_brochure_web1
And don’t forget we are  wanting to hear about your time spent ‘at the water’s edge’ – log on and share your memories – see the ‘MY WATER’S EDGE’ tab at the top of our masthead, and get typing!


Women at Work

An international event, International Women’s Day was conceived in 1908 when many women were officially cast as second class citizens. Women in NSW only received the right to vote in 1907 – just a little over 100 years ago! (and women in many other places waited much longer) As well as being denied their democratic right at the ballot box, many worked in appalling conditions, earned half of men’s wages (maybe) and frequently died prematurely due to poor nutrition and maternal health.

It is sobering to reflect that the gains women have made have are due to the strength, determination and courage of women who risked their lives and their reputations to make the world a better place for all women to live.

We got into the International Women’s Day spirit with an exhibition of images of women at  work taken from our photographic collection. Here’s a sample. . .

 Beale Piano Co., Trafalgar Street, Annandale, 1920sBeatrice Bush, the White Bay nespaper seller, ca 1990

 APIA Club fashion parade, ca1967  winterday7.jpg