Parramatta Road Stories AIR Lyndal Irons

Do you have a story to share? Local Notes invite you to share your stories with current Artist in Resident, Journalist and Photographer Lyndal Irons

Frequently branded one of Australia’s worst roads, Parramatta Road was also Australia’s first inter-settlement pathway between two colonies. Once populated by Indigenous tribes and bushrangers, I aim to restore a sense of journey to a road better known for daily transit. Part documentary photography and part road trip, my series preserves today’s road for future reference and encourages a deepened experience of the everyday.

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During my AIR with Leichhardt Council, I’m looking for leads and stories from local residents, businesses and pedestrians on Parramatta Road. I’m interested in absolutely everything: residential life, business, your experiences on Parramatta Road. I’m also open to suggestions about what you would like documented, requests and nominations for people and businesses you think deserve recording, parts you value, parts that interest you, aspects you love or hate. I photograph and also interview people and places to tell the story of road through its people and communities.

As part of the Parramatta Road Goes Pop, Lyndal Irons will be inviting people to tell her their tales of “Parra Road.” Lyndal will be located at 121 Parramatta Road for the month of September. Contact her via her email address to make an appointment She would love to hear from you.


Please feel free to add comments and anecdotal stories on the blog in the comments field.