Annandale Building Register

In 1981 The Annandale Association produced a very valuable Building Register of houses in Annandale that were approved by The National Trust of Australia (NSW).

The Trust’s Urban Conservation Committee along with the Annandale Association elected those sites and areas which, in the Trust’s opinion fell under the following definition

“Those places which are components of the natural or the cultural environment of Australia, that have aesthetic, historic, scientific or social significance or other special value

for future generations, as well as the present community”

The Trust does not seek total preservation in a conservation area. It recommends however that any new development should take account of the special qualities that the area possesses.

This valuable building register  is available for viewing in the Local History Collection in hard print and is now part of our  special online Images Project Which has  3500 images added

to the Leichhardt Library Online catalogue to provide easy access for the public and the local community.

NB The Catalogue shows a thumbnail image  – which when clicked on expands

to a JPeg – which is printable. For most of the images, we all hold a TIFF for high

quality reprints.  The TIFFs are available on application and payment at the library.

To View the Annandale Building Register just type in “Annandale Association Register of Buildings” under Title or Anywhere.

Library Catalogue

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  2. I am seeking information and photographs of the Queen Victoria Home/Hospital in albion street annandale which was closed as a hospital in 1977

    Thank you

    • Hi Amanda We have some information and photocopied images of the Queen Victoria Hospital in Albion Street, Annandale I will put a blog post up shortly in regards to this topic. In the meantime you can visit the Local History collection at Leichhardt Library Monday and Friday 10-1 pm or Tuesday and Thursdays 2 -5pm

  3. hi there, would be very interested in obtaining any information possible. My mother once resided in an old building which is ment to be exactly where Annandale Public School playground/sandpit is right now? She mentions that this was a home of which many families lived in at the time and that her and her parents (my grand parents) lived in the ballroom within this house. She also said that the old Johnston street gates were right out the front of this building. I really wish i knew the answers i have tried and tried and tried and have constantly hit a dead end. If anyone out there may have any knowledge of this building and could enlighten me with any further details, i would be forever grateful!! Mum also recalls that her and her friends would refer to it as ‘the haunted house’, if that helps?

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