Annandale Building Register

In 1981 The Annandale Association produced a very valuable Building Register of houses in Annandale that were approved by The National Trust of Australia (NSW).

The Trust’s Urban Conservation Committee along with the Annandale Association elected those sites and areas which, in the Trust’s opinion fell under the following definition

“Those places which are components of the natural or the cultural environment of Australia, that have aesthetic, historic, scientific or social significance or other special value

for future generations, as well as the present community”

The Trust does not seek total preservation in a conservation area. It recommends however that any new development should take account of the special qualities that the area possesses.

This valuable building register  is available for viewing in the Local History Collection in hard print and is now part of our  special online Images Project Which has  3500 images added

to the Leichhardt Library Online catalogue to provide easy access for the public and the local community.

NB The Catalogue shows a thumbnail image  – which when clicked on expands

to a JPeg – which is printable. For most of the images, we all hold a TIFF for high

quality reprints.  The TIFFs are available on application and payment at the library.

To View the Annandale Building Register just type in “Annandale Association Register of Buildings” under Title or Anywhere.

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